Doctoral Thesis: 31st of March 2017

Anett Hellebø Ottesen will defend her thesis for the degree of
Ph.D. (philosophiae doctor):

"Functional aspects of granin proteins in cardiac disease"

Trial lecture: kl. 10:15, auditorium nye nord, 5. etg (Nye nord-bygget)

Dissertation: kl. 13:15, store auditorium (Hovedbygget)

Venue: Akershus University Hospital,
Sykehusveien 25-27, 1478 Lørenskog

Supervisors: Helge Røsjø, Geir Christensen, Torbjørn Omland

American Journal of Physiology Heart Circ Physiol

Latest publication (February 2017)

Non-invasive stratification of postinfarction rats based on degree of cardiac dysfunction using magnetic resonance imaging and echocardiography

Jan Magnus Aronsen, Emil Knut Stenersen Espe, Kristine Skårdal, Almira Hasic, Lili Zhang & Ivar Sjaastad

Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol (February 10, 2017). doi:10.ajpheart.00668.2016

Circulation: Heart Failure

Latest publication (January 2017)

Glycosylated chromogranin A in heart failure. Implications for processing and cardiomyocyte calcium homeostasis

Anett Hellebø Ottesen, Cathrine R. Carlson, William E. Louch, Mai Britt Dahl, Ragnhild A. Sandbu, Rune Forstrøm Johansen, Hilde Jarstadmarken, Magnar Bjørås, Arne Didrik Høiseth, Jon Brynildsen, Ivar Sjaastad, Mats Stridsberg, Torbjørn Omland, Geir Christensen & Helge Røsjø

DOI: 10.1161/CIRCHEARTFAILURE. 116.003675

Read the article in Circulation: Heart Failure

Logo utdrag fra Program 2016

Prize winners of the Poster Session, CHFR 2016

Presentations from our Institute which got first prize during the 14th Annual CHFR Symposium:

Ida Gjervold Lunde: II-8 Titin A-band truncation mutation in mice causes stress-induced dilated cardiomyopathy

Åsmund Treu Røe: IV-13 Elevated ventricular wall stress disrupts diastolic calcium homeostasis of the cardiomyocyte

Mari Elen Strand: VI-7 The heparanase-syndecan-4 axis in the heart: upregulation in response to immune activation indicates a role in cardiac inflammation

Other posters from our Institute which were ranked top 3 in their sessions, were presented by:

Jonas Skogestad, Xin Shen and Henriette Marstein


See all the Prize winners at Center for Heart Failure Research


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