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Role of the natriuretic peptides in hypertensive heart disease

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Raffaele Altara 5x7

Raffaele Altara Postdoc

Phone: -

E-mail: raffaele.altara at

Group: AC

Henriette Andresen 5x7

Henriette Andresen PhD student

Phone: -

E-mail: henriette.andresen at

Group: AC

Kaja Knudsen Bergo

Kaja Knudsen Bergo PhD student

Phone: 23016824

E-mail: k.k.bergo at

Group: AC


Alessandro Cataliotti Professor

Phone: 2301 6807

E-mail: alessandro.cataliotti at

Group: AC

Gustavo Justo da Silva

Gustavo Justo da Silva Researcher

Phone: -

E-mail: gjjusto at, g.j.j.d.silva at

Group: AC

Einar Sjaastad Nordèn 5x7

Einar Sjaastad Nordén PhD student

Phone: -

E-mail: e.s.norden at

Group: AC

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