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Cellular and molecular biology of myocardial hypertrophy and heart failure

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Kine Andenæs Stipendiat 5x7

Kine Andenæs PhD student

Phone: -

E-mail: kine.andenas at

Group: TT and GC

Geir Christensen 5x7

Geir Christensen Professor

Phone: 230 16780

E-mail: geir.christensen at

Group: GC

Kate Møller 5x7

Kate Louise Bjørn Møller Herum Postdoc

Phone: 230 16785

E-mail: k.l.b.moller at

Group: GC

Francesca Lockwood

Francesca Lockwood PhD student

Phone: -

E-mail: l.f.eve at

Group: GC

Anett Hellebø Ottesen Stipendiat 5x7

Anett H. Ottesen Postdoc

Phone: 2302 6497

E-mail: a.h.ottesen at

Group: GC

Andreas Romaine

Andreas Romaine Postdoc

Phone: -

E-mail: andreas.romaine at

Group: GC

Athiramol Sasi

Athiramol Sasi Student

Phone: -

E-mail: athiramol.sasi at

Group: GC

Theis Tønnessen 5x7

Theis Tønnessen Professor

Phone: 581-15268

E-mail: theis.tonnessen at

Group: TT and GC

Camilla Udjus JPG

Camilla Udjus PhD student

Phone: 2302 6497

E-mail: camilla.udjus at

Group: GC

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