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Aronsen, Jan Magnus Molecular mediators of chronic heart disease - A search for novel, specific cardioprotective therapies Thesis n/a - 2018
Manotheepan, Ravinea Arrhythmia-preventive effects of exercise training in catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia type 1. From experimental models to patients Thesis n/a - 2018
Hafver, Tandekile Lubelwana The Sodium-Calcium Exchanger 1: Novel Regulatory Mechanisms and Interacting Partners n/a - 2017
Ottesen, Anett Hellebø Functional aspects of granin proteins in cardiac disease n/a - 2017
Thallinger, Monica Newborn resuscitation in low-resource settings. Improved methods of bag-mask ventilation at birth. n/a - 2017
Hortemo KH, Fatigue mechanisms of shortening skeletal muscle. Protein phosphorylation and O-GlcNAcylation with emphasis on regulatory myosin light chain (MLC2) n/a 1-60 2016
Hortemo,Kristin Halvorsen, Fatigue mechanisms of shortening skeletal muscle n/a 3-60 2016
Skrbic B, New aspects in myocardial remodeling and dysfunction due to left ventricular pressure overload n/a 1-41 2016
Strand ME, The extracellular matrix in heart failure: Proteoglycans and collagens as regulators of inflammation, fibrosis and cardiac dysfunction n/a 1-60 2016
Tovsrud N, Na+ regulation of the cardiac excitation-contraction-relaxing coupling n/a 1-55 2016
Aspelin T, Cardiac tissue plasminogen activator. Experimental studies on stimulated release, receptor interactions and b-blockade in pigs n/a 4-106 2015
Engebretsen K, Extracellular matrix alterations in the pressure overloaded left ventricle n/a 3-135 2015
Frisk M, Structure and function of cardiac t-tubules in health and disease n/a 11-53 2015
Herum KM, Syndecan-4 in cardiac fibroblasts. Role in regulation of extracellular matrix and myocardial stiffness n/a 4-133 2015
Hillestad V, Diastolic dysfunction and pulmonary hypertension: The Role of innate immunity and new therapeutic strategies n/a 3-66 2015
Wanichawan P, Molecular regulatory mechanisms of the sodium-calcium exchanger 1 in heart n/a 10-64 2015
Birkenes TS, More and better CPR to victims of sudden cardiac death n/a 5-132 2014
Espe EKS, Measuring in vivo regional myocardial function using high-field MRI. Development and application of high-resolution MR imaging of the beating heart n/a 3-140 2014
Hougen K, SERCA2-function in cardiomyocytes. Regulation of activity and pathophysiological role n/a 1-107 2014
Neset A, Prehospital cardiopulmonary resuscitation n/a - 2014
Schwartz T, Cardiac function and cytokine profile in juvenile dermatomyositis n/a 3-97 2014
Lunde IG, Molecular mechanisms of heart failure, nuclear factor of activated T-cell (NFAT) signaling in myocardial hypertrophy and dysfunction n/a 1-147 2012
Røsjø H, The granin protein family in cardiac disease n/a 1-171 2012
Sjåland C, Physiological consequences of targeted loss of SERCA2 in heart and skeletal muscle n/a 1-131 2012
Tømte Ø, Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest - improving cardiopulmonary resuscitation and post resuscitation care n/a 9-80 2012
Vistnes M, Cytokines and extracellular matrix in heart failure n/a - 2012
Wæhre A, Chemokines in cardiac remodelling and heart failure, and their role in regulation of small leucine-rich proteoglycans in the extracellular matrix n/a 1-143 2012
Bjørnstad JL, The TGF-ß/SMAD signalling system and extracellular matrix changes in myocardial remodelling and reverse remodelling following correction of pressure overload n/a - 2011
Grøgaard.Haakon Kiil, Progenitor cells, growth factors and inflammation in acute myocardial infarction n/a 3-73 2011
Stokke MK, SERCA2-RyR2 interplay at the heart of Ca2+ wave development. Experimental studies on mechanisms underlying triggered arrythmias. n/a - 2011
Larsen KO, Pulmonary hypertension and cardiac dysfunction, the role of hypoxia and cytokines n/a - 2010
Munkvik M, Fatigue mechanisms and skeletal muscle function in experimental and human heart failure n/a 3-78 2010
Rehn TA, Causes of altered skeletal muscle function in the post-infarction heart failure condition n/a 3-60 2010
Mørk HK, Cellular mechanisms of heart failure progression n/a - 2009
Nakken E, ABCB4 dysfunction and biliary diseases n/a 8-56 2009
Olasveengen T, Factors impacting on quality of prehospital advanced cardiac life support n/a 3-29 2009
Pytte M, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation - guideline recommendations meet clinical practice n/a 5-77 2009
Zalvidea S, Role of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibition on electrical and contractile properties of cardiomyocytes from failing heart in mice n/a - 2009
Ødegaard S, Searching for factors contributing to substandard quality of cardiopulmonary resuscitation in out-of-hopsital cardiac arrest n/a 4-57 2009
Bøkenes J, Causes of altered contractility of the failing rat heart n/a 1-71 2008
Finsen AV, Molecular Mechanisms in Heart Failure n/a 5-33 2008
Birkeland JA, Dysfunctional cellular signals in congestive heart failure n/a 7-42 2007
Kramer-Johansen J, Reporting and improving quality of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) during out of hospital cardiac arrest n/a 7-59 2007
Swift F, Restricted diffusion of ions regulates cardiac function n/a 12-75 2007
Florholmen G, Cytokines and heart failure. New roles for leukemia inhibitory factor in cardiomyocyte energy metabolism n/a - 2006
Thorud H, Skeletal muscle abnormalities in congestive heart failure. n/a 6-174 2005
Woldbæk PR, Cytokines and cardiac dysfunction. Experimental studies in mice after myocardial infarction n/a 4-36 2005
Dorph E, Out-of-hospital cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Quality of performance with focus on ventilation. n/a - 2004
Labori KJ, Features of bile formation and hepatocellular ultrastructure during hyperbilirubinemia n/a 1-41 2004
Langhelle A, Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. Challenging the guidelines of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. n/a 1-71 2003
Lunde PKB, Skeletal muscle dysfunction and calcium handling in heart failure. n/a 1-60 2003
Verburg E, Skeletal muscle fatigue mechanisms. A study of muscle electrolyte homeostasis during intermittent submaximal isometric exercise in humans and rats. n/a - 2002
Finsnes F, The role of endothelin-1 in an experimental asthma-like airway inflammation n/a 5-78 2001
Sjaastad I, Excitation-contraction coupling in post infarction congestive heart failure. n/a - 2001
Bjørnbeth BA, Bilirubinindusert cholestase n/a - 2000
Tjomsland O, Acute Effects of Transmyocardial Laser Treatment (results from experimental and clinical studies). n/a - 2000
Kanellopoulos GK, Laser treatment of the myocardium. An in vivo experimental study n/a 1-78 1999
Satas S, Pharmacokinetics, posthypoxic hypothermia and cerebral microdialysis in the newborn pig. n/a - 1999
Sommerschild HT, Myocardial low-flow ischemia. An experimental study in pig hearts with special emphasis on the role of endogenous adenosine. n/a - 1999
Strand ØA, Nitric oxide in sepsis. An experimental and clinical study. n/a - 1999
Sunde K, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation - Quality of performance and how to further improve haemodynamics. n/a - 1999
Grund F, Ischaemic preconditioning. An experimental study of cardioprotection in anaesthetised pigs n/a - 1998
Holt E, Excitation-contraction coupling in normal and failing cardiomyocytes n/a - 1998
Semb SO, Restitution of sodium overloaded heart cells. n/a - 1998
Stokke ES, Mechanisms of electrolyte transport in the renal tubules with particular emphasis on lithium reabsorption. An experimental study in the dog. n/a - 1997
Leistad E, Effects on atrial fibrillation and tachycardia on atrial function. n/a - 1996
Moen O, Blood activation and biocompatibility evaluations of cardiopulmonary bypass systems. The importance of pump modus and heparin-coated surfaces. n/a - 1996
Wik L, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation: Effects of improving the early cardiopulmonary resuscitation and early advanced care links in the chain of survival for cardiac arrest victims. n/a - 1996
Karlsson BR, Cerebral ischemia: Effects of pharmacologic interventions on cerebral blood flow, neuronal damage and neurologic outcome in models of complete or near-complete ischemia n/a - 1995
Offstad J, Hemodynamic and metabolic consequences of myocardial low flow ischemia. Importance of endothelial factors, ion channels and wall stretch. n/a - 1995
Schlichting E, Gut ischemia and reperfusion. An experimental study with particular emphasis on the role of endotoxin. n/a - 1995
Tønnessen T, Effects of ischemia on endothelin processing. n/a - 1995
Villanger O, Secretion from liver and pancreas under normal conditions and during hyperbilirubinemia. An experimental study with emphasis on bicarbonate secretion. n/a - 1995
Kirkebøen KA, Shortlasting myocardial ischemia and blood flow regulation. An experimental study n/a - 1994
Næss PA, Influence of atrial and endothelial factors on renin release and renal hemodynamics. An experimental study on effects of atrial natriuretic factor, nitric oxide and endothelin in dog kidneys. n/a - 1993
Aksnes G, Shortlasting myocardial ischemia: effects on ion balance and contraction n/a - 1992
Christensen G, Atrial natriuretic factor. An experimental study on release mechanisms and on cardiovascular and renal effects n/a - 1992
Hysing J, Tubular handling of small proteins and peptides. Studies on renal degradation of 'trapped label'-iodinated peptides n/a - 1992
Næss F, Modulation of mediator-induced responses in experimental endotoxemia, with special emphasis on the plasma kallikrein-kinin system. n/a - 1992
Roald OK, Isoflurane, nitrous oxide, benzodiazepines and some of their antagonists. Effect on cerebral blood flow and metabolism. n/a - 1992
Veel T, Tubulovesicles and secretin-dependent pancreatic and biliary HCO3 -secretion. An experimental study in the pig. n/a - 1992
Andersen F, Left ventricular function and metabolism. An experimental study in pigs on the significance of myocardial ionic shifts for contractility and myocardial oxygen comsumption during alterations in left ventricular function n/a - 1991
Røise O, Studies on endotoxin- and methylprednisolone- induced activation of the contact and complement systems of plasma . n/a - 1991
Videm V, Biocompability of cardiopulmonary bypass: measures to reduce complement activation. n/a - 1991
Bugge JF, Renal prostaglandins E2 and 12. Aspects of metabolism and relationship to renal hemodynamics and renin release mechanisms. n/a - 1990
Geiran OR, Right ventricular function. Dynamics of the ventricular free walls and the interventricular septum during acute ischemia and interventricular shunting in open-chest dogs n/a - 1990
Ellingsen Ø, Myocardial potassium balance during adrenergic stimulation n/a - 1989
Ruud TE, Intraperitoneal proteolysis in experimental and clinical acute pancreatitis. Effects of protease inhibitors and corticosteroids (Thesis). n/a - 1989
Thorvaldson J, Importance of pulmonary blood volume and aortic blood pressure in regulation of left ventricular function. n/a - 1989
Vengen Ø, Interplay among cardiac chambers. n/a - 1989
Østensen J, Mechanisms of proximal tubular reabsorption of sodium chloride and water. Model analysis and experimental studies on dog kidneys. n/a - 1989
Buanes T, Cellular mechanisms involved in secretin-mediated pancreatic and biliary HCO-3 secretion. An experimental histochemical and ultrastructural study in the pig n/a - 1988
Fosse E, Complement activation and alterations in white blood cell populations following major surgery and trauma n/a - 1987
Hartmann A, Bicarbonate-dependent solute transport in kidney tubules n/a - 1987
Langberg H, Factors regulating proximal water and electrolyte reabsorption. n/a - 1987
Løvik M, Experimental murine leprosy parameters and mechanisms of immunity in a mycobacterial infection. n/a - 1986
Reitan LJ, Immune responses to defined antigen fractions in leprosy. n/a - 1986
Vikse A, Renal autoregulation and prostaglandin E2 release hemodynamic conditions for PGE2 and renin release. n/a - 1986
Holdaas H, Adrenergic control of renin release n/a - 1984
Langård Ø, Hemodynamic and adrenergic mechanisms for renin release. n/a - 1984
Molaug M, Interventricular dynamics. n/a - 1984
Melsom R, Anti-M. Leprae antibodies in humans. n/a - 1983
Mshana RN, Immunopathological mechanisms of tissue damage in leprosy. n/a - 1983
Stokland OA, Factors contributing to acute blood pressure elevation. n/a - 1983
Skjennald A, Angiography in acute experimental pancreatitis correlated to hemodynamic changes. n/a - 1982
Svennevig J, Inflammatory cells in non-lymhoid, human malignant tumours. n/a - 1982
Bjune GA, In vitro lymphocyte responses in leprosy n/a - 1980
Mathisen Ø, Mechanism of glomerulotubular balance in the renal proximal tubules. n/a - 1980
Monclair T, Active and passive renal sodium reabsorption. Journal of the Oslo City Hospital 30 49-61 1980
Sandberg HO, Antigens of the crystalline lens. n/a - 1980
Ilebekk A, Determinants of cardiac performance n/a - 1979
Steen PA, Cerebral hypoxia: Effects of barbiturates and varying degrees of ischemic on neurologic metabolic function. n/a - 1979
Johannesen JE, Renal heat production and sodium reabsorption n/a - 1978
Sejersted OM, Function of Na-K-ATPase in renal sodium reabsorption. n/a - 1978
Saltvedt E, Ricinus and abrus agglutinin. Biological properties and application in immunoglobulin subfractionation. n/a - 1977
Lie M, Ethacrynic acid - the mechanism of its natriuretic action and its use in the study of the glomerulotubular balance in dogs. n/a - 1976
Omvik P, Tubular hydrodynamics and renal autoregulation. n/a - 1976
Ræder MG, Tubular hydrodynamics and renal autoregulation. n/a - 1976
Eide IK, Renin. Its release mechanisms and its vasoconstrictive effects in renovascular hypertension n/a - 1975
Lekven J, Myocardial ischemia.y n/a - 1975
Myrvang B, Immune responses to mycobacterium leprae in man. n/a - 1975
Bugge-Asperheim B, Factors in cardiac regulation of stroke volume n/a - 1974
Kjekshus JK, Factors influencing infarct size following coronary artery occlusion n/a - 1974
Løyning EW, Renal blood flow in the dog. Autoregulation and intrarenal distribution. n/a - 1974
Klingenberg I, Uterine blood flow. Studies in women by local hydrogen gas clearance and electromagnetic flowmetry n/a - 1973
Berger B, Antigens of bovine corneal epithelium n/a - 1972
Hannestad K, Studies on immunoglobulins in rheumatoid arthritis macroglobulinemia. n/a - 1972
Larsen RA, Family studies in systemic lupus erythematosus. n/a - 1972
Mjøs OD, Effects of free fatty acids on myocardial metabolism and performance. n/a - 1972
Solheim BG, The subunit structure of immunoglobulin M. n/a - 1972
Birkeland S, Methods for blood volume determination. Early replacement therapy in human burns n/a - 1970
Mellbye OJ, Studies on naturally-occurring antibodies against modified red cells. With special reference to the antibody causing reversible agglutination of trypsin-treated cells. n/a - 1969
Reite OB, The evolution of vascular smooth muscle responses to histamine and 5-hydroxytryptamine. n/a - 1969
Semb L, Studies on inhibition of gastric secretion. n/a - 1969
Støren G, Evaluation of postischemic blood flow changes by volume measurements. n/a - 1969
Thorsby E, Leucocyte antigens and antibodies in man. n/a - 1969
Aars H, Effects of arterial hypertension and chronic dilatation of receptor area on aortic baroreceptor activity n/a - 1968
Frey HMM, Studies on peripheral circulatory and metabolic consequences of thyrotoxicosis n/a - 1967
Solheim K, Biophysical and biochemical studies of healing fractures with special reference to the glycosaminoglycans. n/a - 1966
Aukland K, Studies on intrarenal circulation with special reference to gas exchange n/a - 1965
Krog J, A comparative study of the effect of cervical symphathetic stimulation on cerebral blood flow. n/a - 1964
Vasli S, Postischaemic polarography in human calf muscle. n/a - 1963
Høeg K, The early forms of renal tuberculosis and the function of the resected kidney n/a - 1962
Krømer H, Bone homografts in the surgical treatment of cysts of the jaws and periodontal pockets. A clinical and experimental study. n/a - 1960
Ytterborg J, On scleral rigidity. n/a - 1960
Kolberg A, Relations of renal tubular and glomerular function as influenced by 75 per cent reduction of nephron number. A patho-physiological study n/a - 1959
Kiil F, The function of the ureter and renal pelvis n/a - 1957













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